New Year’s Day Mala Readings 2017 – Vibe Yoga

New Year’s Day Mala Readings:

Personal Transformation:

1) Asking for What you Want – The Daily OM
Most people do not always fully realize that we all have within us the ability to co-create our lives with the universe. So many of us are taught to accept what we are given and not dream of anything more, but our hopes and aspirations are the universe whispering to us, planting an idea of what is possible while directing us toward the best use of our gifts. The universe truly wants to give us our hearts’ desires, but we need to be clear about what they are and ask for them. To ask for something does not mean to beg or plead from a place of lack or unworthiness. It is like placing an order: we do not need to beg the salespeople for what we want or prove to them that we deserve to have it – it is their job to give us what we request; we only have to TELL them. Once we have a clear vision of what we desire, we simply step into the silent realm where all possibilities exist and let our desires be known. Whatever methods we use, it is important that we find the quiet space between our thoughts. From that still and silent place, we can announce our intentions to the pure energy of creation.  By imagining all the details from every angle-including scent, color and how it would feel to have our wishes fulfilled – we design our dreams to our specifications. Similar to dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripples created by our thoughts travel quickly from this place of stillness, echoing out into the world to align and orchestrate all the necessary details to bring our desires into manifestation. Before leaving this wonderful space to come back to the world, we must release any attachment to the outcome and express gratitude. By doing this daily, we focus our thoughts and energy while regularly mingling with the essence that makes it possible to build the life of our dreams.

2) Where You Need to Be – The Daily Om
Since human timetables quite often do not correspond with universal timetables, it’s common for people to feel that life is progressing too slowly or too quickly. We draft carefully composed plans only to find that they fall into place when we least expect. Or, conversely, we are thrust into roles we believe we are not prepared for and wonder how we will survive the demands imposed upon us by unfamiliar circumstances. When delays in our progress kindle pangs of disappointment within us or the pace of life seems overwhelming, peace can be found in the simple fact that we are exactly where we need to be at this moment.

Every person fulfills their purpose when the time is right. If you have fast-tracked to success, you may become deeply frustrated if you discover you can no longer satisfy your desires as quickly as you might like. Yet the delays that disappoint you may be laying the foundation for future accomplishments that you have not yet conceived. Or the universe may have plans for you that differ from the worldly aspirations you have pursued up until this point. What you deem a postponement of progress may actually represent an auspicious opportunity to prepare for what is yet to come. If, however, you feel as though the universe is pushing you forward at too fast a clip, you may be unwittingly resisting your destiny. Your unease regarding the speed of your progress could be a sign that you need to cultivate awareness within yourself and learn to move with the flow of fate rather than against it. The universe puts nothing in your path that you are incapable of handling, so you can rest assured that you are ready to grow into your new situation.

You may feel compelled to judge your personal success using your age, your professional position, your level of education, or the accomplishments of your peers as a yardstick. Yet we all enjoy the major milestones in our lives at the appropriate time–some realize their dreams as youngsters while others flourish only in old age. If you take pride in your many accomplishments and make the most of every circumstance in which you find yourself, your time will come.


Dedications for Family & Friends – Those who you have unresolved conflict –

3) Let Your Heart Open Gently – Journey to the Heart
Let your heart open – gently, safely, surely and certainly. Do not let others decide when or even if you will open your heart, when or if you will embrace love. Those choices are too big, too important to let others make for you. Only you can decide when and how. There was a time when it wasn’t safe to open your heart. Pain was all around you. You were not equipped to be that open. That time is passed. You have learned. You have grown. You have learned that you are a loving being.

You know now that your love comes from within you. It is safe to open your heart. The universe awaits, ready, willing, delighted to be able to help you open, the same way it aids the opening of a flower with the sun, the rain, the earth. to deny your power and ability to love is to deny joy. To deny your loving essence is to deny yourself, and the Divine within you.

Look around. It is not your location that makes you safe. It’s where you are in your soul, mind and your heart. That place is good. That place is safe. Open your heart. Embrace life. Go joyfully on your way.

4) Forgiveness Will Complete the Process – Journey to the Heart
Forgiveness is a simple word, but a difficult, complicated process.  Forgiveness is also essential if we want to find happiness and joy.
To forgive too soon, before we have felt all we needed to feel along the way; is incomplete. Forgiveness based on denial won’t work.  And not to forgiven after we’ve felt our emotions – our anger, rage, pain, and betrayal – will harden our hearts and keep us closed. We’ll have loose ends to tie up, an unfinished connection to the past. We’ll have unfinished business with others even though we may not see them, speak to them or consciously think about them any longer.  WE won’t be free, and neither will they.
Sometimes we need to seek forgiveness because we’ve tried everything else and nothing works to bring us back to peace.  Sometimes forgiveness finds us, unexpectedly transforming our hearts, softening us, and renewing our hearts and our relationships.
Sometimes forgiveness surprises us because it’s the last thing we thought we would need to feel whole again. Forgiveness is often the completion of the process.


Dedications to the World –

5) You’re a Healer – Journey to the Heart
The healing you give to the world can happen as gracefully and naturally as the pone trees touch and heal with their life, their presence. Arousing your senses, they fill you with their fragrance.  Their presence changes your energy, calms your fears, let’s you know all is well.
Know you can stand tall, joyfully be who you are, and grow where you are. You have the ability to touch those around you in a way that heals them without hurting or draining you.  One of your gifts to yourself and to the world is that of healer.  You don’t have to force it, strive to make it happen. It happens gently and naturally when you love and accept who you are.
Open to your healing powers, your ability to heal yourself and those around you.  Receive this gift with joy, share it freely, with all you meet. Open to your healing powers and you will cherish your past, all you have gone through and done.
Who you are is love, What love does is heal.

6) Dropped into Still Waters – The Daily Om
In a world of six billion people, it is easy to believe that the only way to initiate profound transformation is to take extreme action. Each of us, however, carries within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives, and their reactions in turn effect others. As the effect of a seemingly insignificant word passes from person to person, its impact grows and can become a source of great joy, inspiration, anxiety or pain.

Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters, causing ripples to spread and expand as they move outward. The impact you have on the world is greater than you could ever imagine, and the choices you make can have far-reaching consequences. You can use that ripple effect to make a positive difference and spread waves of kindness that will wash over the world.

Should the opportunity arise, the recipient of a good deed will likely feel compelled to perform one for someone else. Somebody feeling the effects of a negative energy will be more likely to pass that on. One act of charity, one thoughtful deed, or even one positive thought can pass from individual to individual, snowballing until it becomes a group movement or a ray of hope that saves someone’s life. Every transformation, just like every ripple, has a point of origin. You must believe in your ability to BE that point of origin, if you want to use the ripples you create to spread goodness. Consider the effect of your thoughts and actions, and try to act graciously as much as possible.

A smile directed at a stranger, a compliment given to a friend, an attitude of laughter, or a thoughtful gesture can send ripples that spread among your loved ones and associates, out into your community and finally though the world. You have the power to touch the lives of everyone you come into contact with and everyone THOSE people come into contact with. The momentum of your influence will grow as your ripples move onward and outward. One of those ripples could become a tidal wave of love and kindness.
Gratitude and Joy

7) Trust Even the Dark Times – Journey to the Heart
While on our journey, life can sometimes get bleak. Dark passages may envelop us.  Expect these moments. Often they come at the deepest period of working things out. It can be a time of despair, frustration, dead ends, anguish, and angst.  Sometimes these moments are brief; sometimes they last a long time. But usually are necessary.
Plan on these moments. They are not the end of the journey. They are the passageway through the tunnel and into the light. In just a little while, you will feel, see and know the purpose of what you’re going through.  Soon it will become clear. You will move out of the darkness and into the light.
Trust even the bleak times. They you reach the end of the tunnel, then you will know why this all had to be.
Final Reading:
Stepping into Consciousness – The Daily Om
Awareness Stepping into Awareness Daily Om page 161

Life is a journey that comprises many steps along our personal path, taking us down a winding road of constant evolution. Each day we are provided with a myriad of opportunities that can allow us to transform into our next best selves. One moment we are presented with a chance to react differently when someone in our life rubs us the wrong way; at another, we may find ourselves wanting to walk away from a particular situation, but unsure if we can.

Eventually we may find ourselves stuck in a rut that we can never seem to get out of.  We may even make the same choices over and over again because we do not know how to choose otherwise.  Rather than moving us forward, our personal paths may take us in a seeming never ending circle where our actions and decisions lead us only to where we have already been.  It is during these moments that awareness can be the first step to change.

Awareness is when we are able to realize what we are doing. We observe ourselves noticing our actions, reactions and choices as if we were a detached viewer.  Awareness is the first step in the direction of transformation because we cannot make a change unless we are conscious that one needs to be made in the first place.  We can then begin understanding why we are doing what we are doing.  Afterward, it becomes difficult NOT to change since we are no longer asleep to the truth behind out behaviors.  We also begin to realize that just äs we are the source of the causes of our actions, we are also the originator of any changes that we want to happen.

Freedom comes with awareness. Rather than thinking we are stuck in a repetitive cycle where there is no escape, we begin to see that we very much play a hand in creating our lives.  Whether we are mindful of them or not, our choices always ours to make.  Our past and our present no longer have to dictate our future when we chose to be aware. We are then free to move beyond our old limits make different choices, and take new actions.  Our paths cannot help but wind us forward in our lives while paving the way for novel experiences


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