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Yoga Adventure

February 4 - 13, 2018


A once-in-a-lifetime epic retreat to beautiful Bhutan. Nestled between India and China in the rugged Himalayan Mountains, this unique kingdom is preserved in happiness.



This retreat to Bhutan weaves together the best of the country’s culture and nature as we explore ancient fortresses and temples, mingle with monks, hang prayer flags, ride the rapids, and discover the significance of the native takin.

By limiting the number of tourist visas issued each year, Bhutan is one of the few countries able to sustain their endemic culture while welcoming in the wider world. The result is a moving feast of culture, nature and local infectious smiles. Bring your sense of wonder and humor as we travel alongside the inspiring locals who measure their life and success by their Gross National Happiness and call the awe-inspiring Land of the Thunder Dragon home.

10 Days / 9 Nights
Starting at $6995

JOYLOVE / Bucket List Bhutan Yoga Adventure



Our first nights in Bhutan, spent on the bank of the Thimphu Chu river, are a blend of natural beauty and modern comforts. Soak in river views at meal times, featuring Thai, Chinese, Indian and continental cuisine as well as traditional Buddhist dishes. Also try your hand at Bhutan’s national sport on their archery field during the day, then enjoy the stars while chilling fireside.


From the river we head to the forest and gorgeous views of the Punakha Valley below. Contemporary design melds perfectly with cultural aesthetics from the quiet of reception to the simple luxury of the rooms with their individual meditation-inspiring balconies.


Bhutanese art and culture are felt in the colors and woodwork of the awe-inspiring reception hall and in the subtle accents in each room of this 5-star, wholly Bhutanese-owned, boutique hotel. Spacious rooms, all with sitting areas and balconies, include the modern comforts of WIFI and heated floors for a luxury in-room experience. The hotel boasts a temple, built from the 450 year old timber of the Gangtey Monastery, as well as an outdoor Meditation & Tea House to complete the beauty out-of-doors.