Bali 2015


Favorite Yoga Travel Moment

Travel to Bali means opening up to ritual of all kinds. The incense burning, the offerings to the Deities of flowers and chants heard all around us were all beautiful devotions. My favorite and most impactful memory of this trip was our visit to the water temple. We each bathed in the waters up to our waists and allowed the water to flow from special spouts onto our heads. As a group, we were accompanied by a local Hindu who helped us through the process of what to do (avoid certain spouts), wear (sarongs) and say (nothing).

JOYLOVE / Bali 2015

Most Unique Experience

The Travel Yogi set up a wonderful, cultural excursion to a local family’s compound. We learned all about how families stay together and live in the same groupings of houses. Then the family we visited cooked and served us a traditional Balinese meal. We sat at long tables that were low to the ground and we removed our shoes to eat sitting cross-legged. The beautiful meal was followed by a traditional Balinese dance performance by two young women in the family. The girls were all made up, wearing stunning dresses and glamorous makeup.

Most Memorable Moments

Life is full and has its share of ups and downs. I’ll never forget that on this trip, I realized I was sick. It was the very beginning of a long journey to figure out what was wrong. But now I know I suffer from Neuro-sarcoidosis. This is an autoimmune disease that results in inflammation around the brain.  It is not a happy memory per say, but it was and is a monumental moment in my own life. Bali will always remind me it was the beginning of this journey where I persevered.

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo