Bhutan 2018


Favorite Yoga Travel Moment

Gosh there are so so many on this trip. There is no place like Bhutan. It is beautifully preserved, unique, and so very special. I will say, I did love hiking up to the famous 17th century monastery ‘Tiger’s Nest.’ Halfway up sits a Tea House. It’s so sweet and everything served has to be carried up EACH DAY! When I realized we were at the halfway mark — there was a giant Buddhist Prayer Wheel — I literally started crying! I was tired sure, but I guess there had been so much ‘build up’ to this hike, I was deeply afraid I couldn’t do it. Plus, it is such a sacred experience hiking straight up a Himalayan mountain towards a special monastery. It was almost overwhelming. What an amazing experience that I will never forget. In addition, there was a nearby wildfire that made for some ‘smoky’ photos.

JOYLOVE / Bhutan 2018

Most Unique Experience

One of the days we all went on an epic hike then whitewater rafting back to where we started. It was adventure to the max! One of my students fell into the rapids —but our guides swooped her up out of the water so fast — it was almost like it didn’t happen. And she giggled the whole time and was such a good sport about it. I am still so impressed we all physically worked so hard that day. We even all did yoga too! 

JOYLOVE / Bhutan 2018

Most Memorable Moments

Experiencing the pristine nature of this country. The mountains are glorious, the rivers are beautiful, and the hikes are extraordinary. This is a unique country that FEELS really special. Bhutan only allows a certain number of tourist visas per year and are very controlled about who they ‘let in.’ I truly feel so grateful for the gift of Bhutan. and my experiences there. It is truly magical there.

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo