Costa Rica 2014


Favorite Yoga Travel Moment

Each morning at Blue Osa was silent until after morning yoga practice. That meant that there were folks awake having coffee and watching the water or swimming in silence. This silent practice amplified every experience.  Each morning I woke before the sun rose to be sure to be in the ocean as the sun came up. Since we were silent — I could hear the Macaws squawking, the hum of insects, the hoots and hollers of monkeys. Silence is a great teacher.

JOYLOVE / Costa Rica 2015

Most Unique Experience

On one of the excursions, we journeyed through the jungle to a remote beach where we worked with preservationists to release nearly three hundred baby sea turtles into the ocean. Since female turtles return to their beach of birth to lay their eggs we needed to allow the turtles to walk all the way to the ocean on their own flipper power, so they would imprint the memory of this beach. We cried, cheered and said goodbye to these sweet creatures.

JL revolutionized the way I approach yoga. On retreat with her in Costa Rica, I was inspired to new depths and heights by her empathetic demeanor, can-do attitude, and joyful teaching style. Also, some of our off-the-mat experiences in the Osa jungle were off the fun chart! The love radiates from her in waves, even at a distance — she and I live on pretty much opposite sides of the world but I know she’s always there, and I cannot wait to travel and practice with her again in some exotic locale.
— Stacy

Most Memorable Moments

On another excursion, several of us decided to ride horses in the pouring rain up to the top of a mountain and repel down a waterfall! It was in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, during the wet season. It was as EPIC as it could be, and honestly I was terrified. But the photo of me climbing down the waterfall (in the gallery below) is my most favorite retreat picture of myself, ever.

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo