Galápagos Islands 2013


Favorite Yoga Travel Moment

This group of yoga adventurers came from all over. Some (most) had never done a ‘yoga photo shoot’ in nature. But I really wanted a group photo of us doing yoga, and I wanted to be able to see everyone. It was a challenge, but I finally captured the perfect shot. I still giggle looking at this picture — it was so much fun to make. We all were laughing and loving every minute!

JOYLOVE / Galápagos Islands 2013

Most Unique Experience

We were on an snorkeling excursion when my best friend popped her head up to shout out that there was a sea lion swimming with us! I had already started my approach to the beach and was still waist deep in the water when I stood up to look out. I saw the sea lion swimming towards me. He was so big. But then he ducked down into the water again and was swimming in circles all around us. There was lots of laughter and amazement for sure. We swam with a sea lion!

Most Memorable MOMENTS

This was the biggest, most adventurous trip I’d taken up until that point. I'll never forget all the different amazing animals we saw. The giant tortoises — how old they were, how big they were, the noises they made just moving. The sea lions, sharks, blue-footed boobies, iguanas, sea turtles, all the different birds, and more. Mostly, I loved knowing how much the Galapagos government protected (and still protects) these precious animals. This trip opened my eyes to the world. It made me want to share yoga and travel with more people!

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo