Galápagos Islands 2015


Favorite Yoga Travel Moment

This location had the sweetest yoga studio right in the middle of a giant tortoise reserve. During our very first morning yoga practice, we looked out at the pond and saw a tortoise there! As we continued flowing through class, the tortoise moved even closer. It was a sweet and surreal experience — and a perfect way to practice yoga with nature.

JOYLOVE / Galápagos Islands 2013

Most Unique Experience

Like my first retreat to the Galápagos, we went on excursions that included snorkeling off Bartolome Island. This time though, as the group was swimming around, one student popped up laughing. We all hurried near and found ourselves swimming amongst about a half dozen penguins — they were fast, sweet, and so much fun! We were all laughing and enjoying every moment.

Most Memorable Moments

Funny, I will never forget how my luggage was lost en route to this retreat, and didn’t arrive until day 4 of the trip. I learned that I actually don’t need as much as I think — and really, it's all just stuff. I'm still an over-packer, but now I have the knowledge that I can go ‘without’ if I need to. This is key to being a flexible and competent traveler.

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo