Kenya 2016


Favorite Yoga Travel Moment

I’ve done my share of yoga outdoors, but nothing will ever compare to the outdoor yoga in Kenya. We did yoga on a platform where we could see giraffes in the distance, we did yoga in a tree house where below us were elephants and hippos and we did yoga under a giant, ancient tree with baboons in it — on small individual platforms for each student. Each outdoor yoga memory is a memory that will live in my heart forever.

JOYLOVE / Kenya 2016

Most Unique Experience

On our first game drive, at sunset we spotted a cheetah on the hunt. We raced to catch him and got RIGHT NEXT TO HIM while he was eating his kill. We heard a little noise, the guides shined some light and all of us saw — right behind the cheetah was a HUGE Lioness ready to pounce. She was so very close to us! The guides were worried about the cheetah. But there were a couple low growls and the cheetah ran off — and the lioness grabbed the kill and ran away behind a bush. Some speculated she had some babies back there.

Most Memorable Moments

I will never forget our close encounter visit with baby elephants at the orphanage. So many students were moved to tears. These creatures are so special. We got to hug and touch them and really BE with them. That was magical.

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo