Panama 2018


Favorite Yoga Travel Moment

Gosh there are so so many on this trip. I would have to say the snorkeling on our boat adventure days. In my mind, I had decided that coral reefs didn’t exist the way they once did. But let me tell you — the vibrant colors, the diversity of the underwater life off Bocas del Toro is exquisite! The time, as a group, on the boats was the best. Lots of laughs and relaxation.

JOYLOVE / Panama 2018

Most Unique Experience

While on Bocas del Toro — our yoga studio was up HIGH in the jungle. It was quite a trek but with great rewards. On the way up you’d see monkeys (even babies), colorful frogs, lizards, and hear so many awesome sounds of the jungle.

One day walking down from the jungle studio a student stopped me and took this picture. I had a sweet lizard catching a ride on my shoulder. I didn’t realize how cute he was until after I could get close up with the picture!

JOYLOVE / Panama 2018

Most Memorable Moments

The beautiful color of the water when we went out on the Caribbean. One excursion took us snorkeling and exploring other deserted islands. One of which was the site of the show ‘Survivor – Panama.’ We all got on that island, walked around, swam in the warm, blue ocean and relaxed. It was a special moment for sure.

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo