Prana del Mar 2014


Favorite Yoga Travel Moment

For one of the morning practices, I thought it would be nice to visit the beach for a peaceful ocean-front meditation, followed by a silent asana practice in the sand. I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but even to this day, it is one of my most cherished yoga travel memories.

JOYLOVE / Prana del Mar 2014

Most Unique Experience

Since we had the time and space on this retreat, I decided to teach my Body Prayer workshop. We practiced in the studio at Prana del Mar called the ‘Sun Studio’ — it's up high with stunning ocean views. I mostly had my back to the ocean while teaching, but during the most emotional and transformative part of the workshop, students spotted humpback whales breaching in the distance, over and over again. Most students were moved to tears.

Most Memorable Moments

The beach. The long, empty, peaceful beach. We took long walks and had great talks. We watched the ocean and the whales. We felt the cool mist and breeze flow from the sea. We watched the sunset. We meditated. Ah, the beach.

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo