Come practice yoga with Jenniferlyn and experience her inspiring and contagious energy first hand. JL's classes are powerful, playful and full of spirit — all thoughtfully arranged and paired with music playlists made fresh each and every week. JL takes you on a yoga journey that is truly unique and special.

For many, JL's heart-centered classes are transformative, even life-changing. Students of all levels and walks of life will find her classes to be approachable and challenging, revitalizing and restorative.



Practice online any time

Practice with JL at your convenience, at any time, from any where, on Yogis Anonymous.
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JOYLOVE / Yoga Classes

Equinox San Mateo

4 East 4th Ave
San Mateo

MON @ 9:45 AM
TUE @ 5:30 PM
THUR @ 5:30 PM

Vibe Yoga

3750 Florence St
Redwood City

TUE @ 12:15 PM
THUR @ 12:15 PM
FRI @ 9:15 AM

Peacebank Yoga

2603 Broadway
Redwood City

WED @ 12:00 PM
THUR @ 10:30 AM
FRI @ 6:00 AM

JL could take me anywhere in the world and always make my heart feel right at home.
— Glenda